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I live in the heart land, of up state New York. The Great fingerlakes region, (wine country). I have been taking pictures sinces 2001.


Stop at the Park Office on Courduroy Road and Carry-In Carry-Out. Pets must be leashed.

This is the Fish Hatchery were they raise trout for streams.It was a cold day but i had to go out and shoot because the sun was out.  

I love this picture even though that I shoot a lot of geese. The lighting and the ripples of the water look great.

This think this is the hatchery trail because it was located across the hatchery. it starts out going jump hill and then flates or you can go down the hill  or go toother trail that follows the road. either one you decide to take it loops around so you won't get lost. Great for a runner who like to run.    

Looking back at the hatchery and the main entrances.

Looking back up a t the rigde were I just came from.

Wet land and a duck swimming all by him self.

Italy Trills

Theses picture are from my very first digital camera, Nikon D70. The focal lenses I use was my 300mm. I like the deep colors throughout the pictures
The weather was in the sixtys. We were almost to the end of the trail were we had to meet the bus. I like the way the sun is giving me tthe shadow off the tree.this was taken with my Nikon D70 camera,1/800s my focal length 70.0mm, that equilvalent to 105mm. F/8.0
In this picture I haven't gotten the flow of the water being cloudy yet. I am looking forward to learning this Technique.

Powder MIlls Park Hours and Rules

Powder Mills Park is open everyday from
6:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. The shelters and
lodges are reserved by calling 753-7280
and are available from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
daily. Our County Parks are

Please take all garbage with you to dispose of
after you leave. Keg Beer is permitted if stamped
on your rental permit. Recreation fields are
available on a first come / first serve basis if the
fields are not rented.
Bicycles are not allowed on trails.

Trails are multiple use, unless noted otherwise.
Enjoy walking, running and cross-country skiing.

Please be aware of seasonal changes in trail
conditions and be prepared for natural
environment such as mosquitoes and poison
ivy in some areas.

Monroe County’s Park Staff Assistance:

Trail Information




Maggie Brooks
County Executive􀀀

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