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Friday, April 29, 2011

Old Train Station In Cohcoton, New York

Old Train Station!
Cohocton, New York
I was coming home from my in law on Easter Sunday when i decide to stop by this old train station in Cohocton New York.. I have been passing this places for year and I told my husband that I'm going to take a picture of this. so here it is, I don't know the history on this at all but I now it been abated sense the early's 90's.

Here is a old car that has been sitting for a long time. It located just south of Loon Lake west of Cohocton New york. I love the rustiest look of this car, it even has a two old gas pumps on either side of it in the yard.I though it was cool to take a picture of it.


  1. Thank you! We were come home from my inlaw on easter Sunday and I saaw this.

  2. I recently purchased the building in the second picture. if you would like to take additional pictures of the place, feel free to contact me. I am in the process of attempting to restore it, at least partially.