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Monday, April 11, 2011


The river had overflowed into part of the wet lands and flooded this tree. I really like how its just sitting there, The reflection of the tree in the water is amazing.

This is a shetler that is uses for for people to go in to and look through the peep hole to watch the different duck in the water and it is also used for photographers to rest there cameras on the peep holes.

A mother goose seating on her nest. We watched her for a while, anything that came close tothe nest, she would perk right up to see what was going on around her. We didn't see her the first time going in to the park we actually did the drive and then went back to the center to pick up some brochures to have for our next visit.

This was a mazing to watch theses two geese go at it. i've never seen this happen.. It a bit ouf focus but I thought people would like to see it.

 Coming in for a landing!
Here we go again thery are fighting again.

i really thought i lost this shot because i thought he was out of the picture. This one is my favorite.